How to cope with Pregnancy after Infertility or Loss

A free guide + meditation to nurture you during those tense early days

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The Pregnancy after Infertility or Loss Guide + meditation

  • The top most useful tips and advice that our 1-1 ladies have benefited from in the early days
  • A gentle and soothing meditation to wrap you up and take care of you at this hugely important and intense time
  • Created by us, because we get 100% that pregnancy when you have struggled to get there requires a very special and specific level of support

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About Catching Rainbows

Lucy Coffin and Cath Franks are Catching Rainbows. Together they help couples with fertility problems and have taken part in creating hundreds of families. Catching Rainbows is a specialist support resource for women who are being pushed to their limits to fight their way to children they feel called to have, whether that be through natural conception, IVF, adoption or other routes.