5 avoidable reasons why IVF fails

5 avoidable reasons why IVF fails

By Lucy Coffin on 11/5/2015

  1. Foundations are not in place
    We often expect IVF to tick EVERY box for us. However there are so many hundreds of people who have come to see me following failed IVF who have had issues with their cycle which really need sorting before IVF. Otherwise it just gives it too much to do. Whether it be an oestrogen issue or hidden luteal phase defect often there are simple changes which make ALL the difference.
    When Cath or myself work with someone we look at three main phases of your menstrual cycle to see where, if any there are areas that could really thrive with some extra support. We look at:

    1. When and how do you ovulate
      Ideally this needs to be between day 12-16 of your cycle, and we will often look at the way your body is behaving in the lead up to and during ovulation. There are lots of ways to tweak your cycle if you have issues with this area, and it can make a huge difference to how well your body can function through the IVF.

    2. How does your luteal phase (the second half of your cycle) behave?
      We look at length and also strength to ensure your implantation phase is lovely and strong.

    3. How do you bleed?
      We look at how heavy or light your bleeding is, your flow and how your period starts and ends. This gives us a huge insight into how your lining is building up and how receptive to implantation it is.

      It would be impossible to give you all the right advice and suggestions for looking into your own cycle further in just this one blog. We do have other blogs that can give you more detail on how to understand and treat yourself, as well as some vlogs on YouTube that can also give you extra insight. You are also of course always welcome to get in touch so we can help you 1-1.

  2. Transfer is not optimised
    Embryo Transfer is a really critical time. If your bladder is way too full or you are just sore or tense your uterus can go into spasm which makes it really hard for the embryo to settle without being expelled.

    Please with our pleasure download our free IVF cheat sheet and embryo optimisation technique to help with this issue.

  3. The eggs are taken too early / late - or fertilisation has been a problem
    Some clinics have set days where they will collect eggs. For most couples that is absolutely fine because your body complies with the drug therapy. However, sometimes a woman is a little slower of faster than the dates, and fertilisation is not given the best of chances. Really have a look back over your cycle to work out whether you feel your eggs were collected to suit their schedule or your body. Ideally your follicles would need to be at least 18mm before they are triggered.

    Something we also often see is poor fertilisation on either the egg or the sperm (or both) front. There is so much you can do to help improve the quality of fertilisation. Our top favourite would be for you both to take antioxidants in advance of your treatment.

  4. You got back on the horse too soon
    Sometimes it is absolutely the right thing to do to get straight onto the next cycle if you have just had a failed treatment. However, when women are broken in their soul and their bodies are still spotting and trying to repair and regulate going straight into another cycle is not the best way to make it happen. Self care, space, love and hormonal attention can pave the way to a beautiful and successful cycle next time. There’s an emotional or spiritual block

    These issues are tough to find, but can make it hard for the body to feel open and able to conceive. If you feel like maybe there is something deeper going on, or even if there is a part of you somehow trying to evolve and grow through this process, then working on this can be the magical ingredient to success. It's important to trust your instinct and follow a path that feels right for you. Whether that be to work with us, to find a healer / counsellor or to perhaps do some other self focused work and care, it should feel like a really beautiful fit that is just right.

If you would like any 1-1 support with your IVF prep or to try and help unpick what may have not been quite right in a past treatment please do get in touch, and we would love to help. 

Much Love

Lucy & Cath