Fertility Therapists ‘warts and all’ this is us…

Fertility Therapists ‘warts and all’ this is us…

By Lucy Coffin on 7/27/2016

Lucy & Cath, your dedicated and passionate fertility therapists. Lots of heart and lots of expertise all in one big dollop of Dorset love!

Here is a little bit about us:

There’s a lot of stuff out there on the internet, especially if you type in "fertility therapies". I don’t know about you, but for us, it just blows our minds, and not in a good way. We thought it might be nice for you to see us and know us a bit. Warts and all.

We are not shiny and cosmopolitan. We aren’t driving around amazing cars and making thousands of pounds a month from our internet downloads.

Just two ladies who have walked and continue to walk the life that is all things infertility. We have been through most things you could imagine and because we are both infinitely driven by our intuition, we have both ended up here. Running a business that combines both our clinical skills (I am a Nurse and Cath is a Clinical Psychologist), alternative therapies & counselling with our spiritual natures. We both felt that trying for our babies and getting through the pregnancies, we were both finally blessed with took more than medicine. It took therapy for the soul, mind, heart and body. When I looked for it during my own IVF it was nowhere to be found. There were no fertility therapies, no ports in a storm and nobody who seemed to "get it". So I created Catching Rainbows and 6 years later, Cath was the perfect person to join me, with her years of both professional and personal experience.

We both have endometriosis. We have both been through IVF, both the fails and the successes. The miscarriages, the primary infertility, the secondary infertility and the different pain and experiences that come with both.

But it’s not about us and our story, or anything we did to help ourselves.  It’s about the fact that what it did, was drive our passion and understanding for what women out there are gong through. That the little things matter A LOT. That support from anyone who can really hit the spot is hard to find. That there are ways to turn your fertility around that doctors don’t know or don’t tell you. Most of all, we know that infertility is a whole soul and body experience. Not just a medical condition you are juggling on the side of "normal life" and yet not many afford you the understanding of that notion.

Over the years, we have honed our skills, intuition, understanding and tools. We don’t want to be faceless and unapproachable. We don’t really want to be unreachable, or even "internet only" people. We live in Dorset and work from two beautiful and humble little bases full of love and TLC. We put our hearts and souls into looking after our clients with all that they need. Whether it’s medical advice and asking the right questions or having the space to be truly heard.

So it’s just us, and our wonderful Eva who helps us with all our technical stuff. We don’t make much money (because basically we work far too hard and charge far too little!!!) but we make a lot of babies, dry a lot of tears and pride ourselves on providing a service that is gentle, real and trustworthy.

We don’t have a formula that we insist you use.

We don’t have predispositions about what is ok or preferred in terms of medical vs natural.

Our commitment is to finding YOUR way. The unique path to YOUR children and helping you find the courage to open the right doors.

So with our love, that’s us. That’s who we are and we promise everything you see with our name on will have been created with love, experience and genuine care.

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