Give your IVF the BEST chance

Give your IVF the BEST chance

By Lucy Coffin on 11/23/2012

Where ever you are at, whether you are minutes away, weeks away or even months from your IVF cycle we know that it is probably the only thing you can think of, and the most important thing in your heart right now.


Having worked with hundreds of women 1-1 to help them create IVF success, we have some great tips for you that you probably won’t hear from your doctor.

The moment of embryo transfer is really an important one. As the catheter containing your embryo(s) gently passes through your cervix into the uterus it can cause little spasms from the muscles within the endometrium (lining of the womb). These can disrupt the embryo’s ability to settle and implant, as the spasms can continue for several hours.

One tip is to know your bladder. Turning up with a super full to bursting bladder will add to your tension and make transfer harder. Instead try practicing how much water you need to drink and how long it then takes to become comfortably full. That way you will be all ready on the important day to know when to start drinking prior to your appointment and how much you need. Downing a litre of water an hour before is a recipe for disaster!

Please with our pleasure download our free IVF cheat sheet with a special audio relaxation that will teach you how to optimise transfer.

In the days following egg collection (or a few days before transfer) avoid anything strongly perfumed and keep toiletries to a minimum. This is becasue some products contain parabens which interfere with oestrogen receptors. Also because although it feels a bit far out, your embryo needs to come into a body that is calm and familiar. Strong products can spike the immune system and put it on the alert.

Keep your lower back and kidney area warm as according to Chinese Medicine principles, this will support progesterone production and implantation. Avoid extremes like swimming and hot baths.

Some will say be still. Others will tell you to carry on as normal. Some will insist you need to eat Brazil nuts and avocado. Others will say it doesn’t matter.

What DOES matter is what YOUR body asks of you. What your instinct guides you to feel most comfortable doing. We all get pregnant under different circumstances, and we are all different. Please honour what ever it is that makes you feel the most at ease and in control. That will be what gives you the biggest chance of success.

Just know your body. If you have had IVF before, work out which bits went well and which bits did not. Then you know where to direct your energy. If you are having IVF for mechanical reasons work on helping your body believe it can become pregnant with this help. If you have fertilisation issues work on diet and supplements that put you in the best possible health.

Do what makes sense for your body and what is applicable to your situation.

You can do it. Remember….IVF works. It honestly does.

We want to wish you every success with your treatment. Please do get in touch if you would like any 1-1 support either in person or remotely. You can find out more about us and our special blend of complementary and clinical advice here. We also have a downloadable IVF support kit (our mini free version is here) to purchase here.