The Rainbow Children & infertility

The Rainbow Children & infertility

By Lucy Coffin on 12/3/2014

(Maybe THIS is why you have had to wait SO long)

It was in meditation more than 5 years ago that I first learned about the rainbow children.

I would often hear information and guidance, and during this particular session I ‘heard’ very clearly that I had a soul purpose to mother a ‘rainbow child’.

A what?

So thanks as always to google I was thrilled to learn that rainbow children are a new wave of souls coming to the earth to help with healing and bringing more love to us all. They have never been incarnated before so have no earthly karma to resolve. They are incredibly special, very sensitive and psychic, yet also utterly fearless and very sunny. They often seem very full of energy and excitement, are incredibly impatient as they are used to manifesting everything instantly and most of all will need help to manage their physical bodies.

What I also learned about that day is the phenomenon of Indigo and Crystal adults and children. Indigos were born around the mid to late 70s onwards, and Crystals from around the 90s to around 2010. There are many variations documented with dates, many stating they have been coming to earth for the last 100 years, so I think understanding the characteristics is more helpful.

Crystals are very psychic and gentle, often with really powerful amazing eyes. They have a strong affiliation with children and animals, are often creative, bright and have a strong need to be outdoors. They are sensitive, warm, caring and very forgiving. They sometimes do not talk until later in life. They dislike loud sharp sounds as well as unnatural lighting. They are sensitive to foods and can experience allergies and intolerances. They are easily overstimulated as they have a lot of energy and vibrate at a very high level. They aim to reflect peace and love back to all situations.

Indigos are more warrior like. Their purpose is to tear down our structures and systems in order to start over and create more peaceful harmonious conditions. They therefore can seem firey and disruptive, particularly in school. They stand up and fight for what they believe to be right and will not comply with any system they find to be limiting or dysfunctional. They are intelligent, sensitive and have clairvoyant abilities

Beautiful and brave souls the ease at which people misunderstand them can cause them to suffer with depression, and help is needed from their loved ones to make them feel secure and understood.

Crystals and Indigos are paving the way for the rainbow children who began to come to earth around 2008 onwards – the main influx beginning after 2010. They are to help us love in love and abundance.

Crystals, Indigos and Rainbows are often collectively referred to as ‘Star Children’ and their parents will find them to be challenging yet also immensely rewarding. Many of these children are diagnosed with conditions such as ADHD and Autism, which in many ways is our 3D perspective of how to ‘handle’ these children and adults. Doreen Virtue, an incredible World renowned angel healer once said that ADHD should stand for Attention Dialed into a Higher Dimension.

So began my work in this area. I understood I was to have a rainbow child and the significance of that experience could never have been understood at the time. SInce I brought my incredible rainbow child into the world I realise he has been my teacher and guide trail blazing his way into the world coping with many prejudices and judgements without any issue what so ever. He is clearly ‘different’ in the most magical way – yet also practically it does bring some issues which need careful consideration in order to best support him. What I didn’t realise at the time was how my work would go in the direction no only of helping and supporting other women to conceive but to develop a huge spiritual link to these children and be instrumental in helping them to come across.

I am intrigued to see the ripple effect these children will have on their families and in turn, those they come into contact with in their lives such as teachers and friends. I have a deep sense its part of how the world will significantly change and evolve in the coming decade. There will be changes like we have never imagined, and I believe we will find a way back to an old simplicity but with all the wisdom of what we have learned to accompany us.

If you are destined to parent one of these special children then you will have found that challenges in your life are forcing you to grow in a way you never have before. To learn how to deal with fear, change and self questioning. These children are teaching us before they arrive, opening our minds and hearts and reminding us we have choices in our life at every moment. It isn't easy by any means, and it will be hardest fight you have been through but rest assured the purpose is not for you to end up without your children, but to find a way to reach them that expands your own consciousness and life experiences.

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