I want to say a HUMUNGOUS THANK YOU for making such a massive difference to my 2018. There isn’t a baby growing inside me yet, but there is a lady that is in a remarkably better place for when that time comes. A place back in June, I couldn’t ever imagine getting back to, as I really didn’t know how.

I felt like I’d exhausted and tried all the support and help on offer, and none of it seemed to be having any real effect on my wellbeing and mental state of mind. I was stuck, lost and lonely and o scared that’s how i would feel forever. Then by sheer chance I was pointed in the direction of Catching Rainbows and found you and Lucy – two beautiful, kind, caring, understanding and hugely knowledgeable ladies who to me are MAGIC!


I still feel emotional now when I think of how much Catching Rainbows helped me. This was my last stop before IVF on my unexplained infertility journey, but I’d missed the cure all along – Catching Rainbows Magic! Once Lucy got to know me, she said she was confident that I would be pregnant within a few months as she had a good idea of what the issues were. I remember how much I disbelieved her, and then within 3 months I was pregnant! For the first time in my journey, someone had taken the time to know me, understand me, dedicate some time to me, and that was all I needed to push into the right place for Baby Eleanor to come into our lives. Lucy is amazing – she takes science and intuition to make a personalised plan. She also helped me plan the delivery I wanted, with just gas and air (and a team of midwives who couldn’t believe how calm I was!). Eleanor arrived on 18th December 2014, the best Christmas present I could ever have imagined.


I was losing hope of ever having my own baby. I was sad, upset, lost and angry at the world. After 2 years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive naturally and a year of having IUI and IVF I found Lucy. She understands the pain of infertility and really cares about her clients. She gave me new hope and the support I needed. After taking time out from IVF to work on me with Lucy’s
guidance I got pregnant with my last frozen embryo. Lucy’s support continued throughout my difficult pregnancy which I will forever be grateful for. Lucy made my dream come true. I really couldn’t have done it without her.


We have worked with Lucy for almost a year, we came to her with broken hopes and very broken hearts. Immediately at the start of every encounter with Lucy she allows you to feel relaxed and gains your trust. This combination allows a channel of communication that’s limitless. Skyping with Lucy is very engaging and I feel this gives her a real chance to show you how she works. We are based in London, so we have skyped several times now with Lucy at several stages through our journey, the difficult times and the good. Any time you can spend with Lucy will aid you on your journey, we cherish our Skype time and wish we could have recorded them all as they serve us as milestones and turning points along our way. Her ability to connect and read us during all of the skype sessions has been unbelievable and invaluable. The personal tracks Lucy made for us to follow these sessions were always so perfect, in tune with how we were feeling, and so insightful and reassuring. Lucy always managed to capture more than we were ever able to put into words to her or to communicate ourselves, and her gift for this insight and also for providing the light, hope and comfort where no one else could has been appreciated more than we could ever say.

Toby & Anne

Imagine having a chance to sit in a room with a really knowledgeable fertility nurse who is also really up on alternative medicine. Who doesn’t dismiss your thoughts and ideas. Who listens to your endless worries and is ready always to catch your tears. I am blown away by the kind of support that Lucy gives. It’s so personal and caring, yet she also just knows SO much! I had seen every specialist under the sun, been through 4 IVF cycles and had all the bells and whistles. But it was Lucy and her insight into my body and also my emotional / spiritual health that really provided my breakthrough. She nursed me through so many dark times and I am so grateful to finally get to be a mummy.