4 Explainable Causes of Unexplained Infertility

4 Explainable Causes of Unexplained Infertility

By Lucy Coffin on 3/29/2016

Unexplained infertility is the term used by Western Medicine to define infertility for which they cannot find a medical cause. They have an array of tests and diagnostic tools which can generate answers and insights. However, when those avenues turn a blank, couples are left feeling clueless, disempowered and very unsure as to where to head next.

Explaining unexplained infertility is one of my biggest missions. It’s become an unexpected passion. After helping resolve hundreds of cases, I am keen to share with you the main causes of unexplained infertility so as to restore your hope and show you where you can head next in order to create your long awaited pregnancy.


This is never something that would show up on a lab test, and it seems too subtle to genuinely prevent conception. However, I can tell you now that there are clients out there I have treated who have had years of trying, no answers, multiple failed IVF attempts only to find that they in fact had oestrogen dominance.

How to know if this could be you:

  • Ovulation day can be very variable and often quite late (after day 16). On a temperature chart it is possible to see the pattern of ovulation attempting to happen and not quite managing it until a day or even several days later. This in itself can be causing issues with optimal fertilisation as the egg is released later than it aimed to be.
  • Your cycle may seem fairly normal length – around 30+days.
  • You may have exaggerated symptoms of PMT and be very aware of breast soreness and bloating around ovulation and before a period.
  • You may struggle to lose weight.
  • You may have heavy clotted periods.

How to help this:

  • Cut down on fruit, sugar and gluten. Instead go for more veg, & plenty of protein.
  • Take 200mg magnesium every day.

Yup that’s it! Hundreds of cases of ‘unexplained infertility’ resolved with just those steps.


There are three types of luteal phase issues and they are not in the least bit obvious. A woman can think she has a normal 28 day cycle without any idea that she has in fact got a luteal phase issue that is impacting implantation.

This is by far the most common cause I see of unexplained infertility / failed IVF and it is crucial for this to be put right BEFORE any IVF is attempted. In most cases IVF is not actually needed.

Any of these issues below can mean your luteal phases is compromised (however each of these are very simple to fix)

  • More than half a day of brown spotting before full flow starts
  • Less than 12 days between ovulation and spotting / period
  • Zig zag patterned temperature chart (erratic temps)
  • Feeling the cold a lot
  • Anxiety & stress
  • Heavy clotted periods or scant light periods

Depending on the specifics of your cycle and its exact pattern enables you to be able to determine the exact best course of treatment. The prescription changes depending on when you ovulate, what your bleed is like and how you are emotionally.

In our fertility haven questionnaire we have all the steps there to take you through your personal situation and guide you to the exact combination of treatment needed to heal things. It is so tempting to just list all the possibilities here, and I don’t want to be that annoying person who tells you half the story. However, luteal phases issues can be fixed within 1-3 months BUT if you take the wrong combination or the wrong dosage of supplements then you risk making things worse before they get better. Finding the exact solution is the best and quickest way to get this sorted.


Another very common reason I generally find to be a culprit for unexplained infertility is if there is an emotional or spiritual block. To some it may sound extreme that something that happened to us in our past, or a path we are meant to follow can genuinely stop you from conceiving but it is absolutely true.

From women who have had past trauma to women who are being challenged for spiritual growth, there are many little creases that can be ironed away to open the gateway to the magic that is your baby waiting to find their way to you. It may be there is a path to take that looks different to the one you expected. Or it may be that there is an emotional wound to heal before your body feels ready or able to allow conception.


Last of all, I sometimes find that couples actually struggle to fertilise well together for one reason or another. It may be the need to tweak the timing of ovulation in order to release the egg when it is more fresh and new. Or it may be that using IVF to assist the process is the best way to overcome the issue. When we see clients on a 1-1 basis we explore every other possibility first and if nothing shows up then we have to assume it is something that IVF could actually provide the solution for.

So, if you have felt left out in the cold with unexplained infertility please please do not lose heart. We know it is frustrating that doctors are not yet looking a bit deeper into this issue. But in the meantime it is likely that one of the above issues could be going on with you.

If you would like our help to narrow down what the issue could be with you and need some loving expert support we would love to work with you. We offer 1-1 sessions both in person and remotely and we also have some online support kits that will give you some much needed calm and care.

Wishing you every success in finding your way.

With all our love,

Lucy & Cath x