What to expect in a session

What to expect in a session

Session in Person - Initial Session & Plan - £120 / Further sessions - £65

Remote session - Initial Session & Plan - £95 / Further sessions - £65

A first session usually takes between 90-120 minutes so that we have plenty of time to talk. All you have to do is land in the chair, throw a blanket over your knees and tell me anything and everything that you want to share. 

All about you, how you are feeling, what you need, and what has happened so far. It’s gentle, informal and totally at your pace. I will ask you questions along the way and start to piece together the picture in my mind of what we might need or like to do. 

If we are together in person I may, if you would like to, invite you onto the couch for some treatment. It might be a guided personalised relaxation alongside some reflexology, it could be some gentle hypnotherapy to start to ease away some of the stress and fear, or something else that we create on the day. I don’t follow a script at all, I just like to use the tools I have and align them with what feels needed. 

For example, we might talk a lot about clinically based theories of what could be going on with you and possible things you could try. We might be working out why you have unexplained infertility and exploring possibilities. Then we may spend the next part of the session just doing a treatment that gives you some breathing space and helps you find your way home to yourself. 

After the session I create a personalised plan which I send to you and we can then email from there and see how you are doing. I never insist of a course of sessions, we work with whatever feels most right for you. 

Remote sessions are very similar in terms of having plenty of time to talk everything through. I then discuss with you which elements I think might be helpful for a plan. This is usually a combination of practical ideas and a personalised podcast or meditation to work with your headspace or whatever you may need. 

Lucy always managed to capture more than we were ever able to put into words to her or to communicate ourselves, and her gift for this insight and also for providing the light, hope and comfort where no one else could has been appreciated more than we could ever say.”