Surrogacy is something you may be needing to look in to or just wanting to find a little more information about. It can feel like a very daunting subject with a wildly overwhelming amount of legalities. My intention at Catching Rainbows is to give you the space to talk things through and gather impartial advice and information about what it involves and where to start.

The concept of another woman offering the gift to carry your baby for you can understandably be hard to cope with. For some couples, the work I do is to helping to navigate their way both practically and emotionally through surrogacy itself. For others it is help them have the time and support to work out if surrogacy is even right for them at all.

I can offer tailored gentle counselling both for your mind and your spirit to help you work out how you feel and how to move forward. And if you do decide to go ahead then I can help you build the nest to prepare for motherhood in this particularly sacred way. I can also bring in some hands on treatments to support and relax you as you go through this journey and get ready to welcome your baby in to your world.

Sessions are very unique to each woman / couple so I can work with you to figure out what might be most helpful for you.

If you have any questions or need further information, then please contact me.