Miscarriage & Loss

Miscarriage & Loss

Many of the ladies I work with have gone through the indescribable agony of losing their pregnancy. The emotional pain and physical shock can feel incredibly isolating as those around you are unsure what to do or say.

Loss can leave us feeling terrified of what could be ahead. The fear that you could fall pregnant and it happen again, coupled with the worry of having to get back in to the world of ‘trying’. It’s too hard to try, and yet too hard not to.

What I offer is a gentle but whole support. I want to look after you physically and help you recover from what you have been through but we also want to provide you with specialist grief support. I work very much from the heart and back up my knowledge and expertise with a large dollop of intuition.

It has always felt like if I have the privilege of working with you as you are going through this, then my job is to hold you in every way that you need and help you find the right ending for you.

I will make it my purpose to carve out the plan that you need. Whether that is helping you to source the right drug protocol to make sure your body can have a healthy successful pregnancy or whether it’s to hold you through the aftermath of loss which you feel has completely robbed you of any ability to move forward.

The intention is to work with compassion and care to get you through and out the other side. Miscarriage and loss diagnostics and treatments are about the most overwhelming things to try and research. That’s why I want to do that bit for you. There is no agenda or preference and I simply work to find the right fit for you. I want to take care of you when you are vulnerable and ensure that only information that is relevant and makes sense for you is offered.

If you need support following loss then please get in touch.

What to expect in a session.